Google Calendar can intelligently find time on your schedule to work on your personal goals

Google Calendar personal goals image 001

Yesterday, Google announced a cool new feature to mark the tenth anniversary of its online calendar service: Google Calendar will now scan your calendar intelligently to find the time on your schedule to work on your personal goals.

According to Google, the updated Google Calendar app lets you add a personal goal to your calendar.

These can be things like “run three times a week” or “hit the gym every day except weekend”. After parsing your natural language input, it’ll schedule time automatically for you and help you actually stick to it.

“To set a goal like ‘Work out more’, simply answer a few questions like ‘How often?’ and ‘Best time?’ and you’re all set,” explains Google. “From there Calendar will look at your schedule and find the best windows to pencil in time for that goal.”

The app will intelligently reschedule if you add another event that’s a direct conflict with a goal and you can also can defer a goal at any time. The more you use Calendar the better it gets at scheduling and helping you complete your goals and will choose even better times in the future.

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Source: Google