New 4K video reveals the incredible complexity of Apple’s upcoming iSpaceship headquarters

iSpaceship April 2016 update image 001

A new ultra high-definition drone video of Apple’s upcoming Campus 2 facility, posted Monday by YouTuber Duncan Sinfield, gives a nice overview of just how far along the project has progressed over the past twelve months.

The video, available in crisp 4K resolution, shows the incredibly complexity of the 2.8 million square foot structure, Steve Jobs’s last project, that should become home to approximately 12,000 Apple employees in January 2017.

The video compares drone footage of the flying saucer-shaped building taken months ago to the most recent footage that shows curved glass panels being installed. “There’s not a flat piece of glass in this building,” Jobs said during the project’s presentation.

It also shows the solar panels being installed and gives us a look at a massive 1,000-seat underground auditorium where all future media events will take place.

Here’s Duncan’s new video.

To create such large slabs of curved glass, Apple turned to German manufacturer Seele, which has created the glass for all Apple Stores around the world, including the iconic glass cube store on the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Seele, which has some of the most advanced steel and glass fabrication in the world, has created thousands of pieces of structural glass for iSpaceship’s exterior, interior and canopy. Together these pieces measure a total area of over 91,000 square meters.

Apple’s already installed more than a thousand of the 3,000 glass panels.

Tentative move-in date for the employees of Apple Campus 2 is now a mere eight months away. Tim Cook expressed hope during the ‘Let us loop you in’ media event last month that the facility will be completed by the start of 2017.

You can follow the project along at the City of Cupertino’s dedicated iSpaceship project webpage, check out the resources and the official schedule and even sign up to be notified when new assets are posted or timeline updated.

Source: Duncan Sinfield