Apple-FBI fight over iPhone backdoor, security and encryption gets a comedic treatment


Apple’s fight against the United States government and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over circumventing encryption and creating a backdoor into the iPhone has received a comedic treatment in a segment on the Last Week Tonight show by comedian Jon Oliver.

In a mock Apple ad, Oliver rehashes controversial quotes from government officials, as well as Donald Trump’s iPhone boycott idea and District Attorney Daniel Conley’s Kennedy quote of sending a man to the moon.

The showdown between Apple and the FBI is scheduled for March 22, the day following Apple’s media event. The two sides will present their side of the story and arguments to a judge.

Apple’s executives have reiterated publicly that the company will fight the government in this high-stake case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Here is that video.

So, funny or not?

Strong encryption definitely poses problems for law enforcement. Is weakening it worth the risks it presents, do you think?

Source: Last Week Tonight