EA announces Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, a collectible card game set in the PvZ universe

Plants vs Zombies Heroes iPhone screenshot 001

Super publisher Electronic Arts today announced Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, a new installment in its popular Plants vs. Zombies series that “takes you beyond the backyard.” A collectible card game, Heroes lets you choose from hundreds of characters across the Plants vs. Zombies universe, including new roster favorites from Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 like Super Brainz, Z-Mech, Citron and Rose.

Featuring comic-style narrative that tells the story gradually as the game progresses, Heroes challenges you to assemble an all-star Plants vs. Zombies team to outwit opponents in battle. The game soft-launched in New Zealand ahead of its upcoming worldwide release.

Created in partnership with PopCap, a mobile developer owned by EA, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes will be a freemium release with In-App Purchases.

Some of the brand new characters include The Green Shadow—an elusive but powerful peashooter known for taking out zombies with her Precision Blast—and Impfinity, a Zombie Imp Hero with the ability to create multiple Imp clones during battle.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes iPhone screenshot 002

And for the first time on mobile, you’ll be able to play as either plants or zombies. The game sports the single-player campaign mode that pits you against AI, but you can also challenge friends from all around the world in real-time online multiplayer mode.

“In adventure mode, lead your favorite plant and zombies on an epic missions to battle and take down all opposing Heroes across locations as zany and diverse as the Heroes who inhabit them,” reads the description.

Completing daily quests earns you rewards to expand roster of Heroes and sidekicks. The game is “charming and approachable, but rich with depth, secrets and strategy.”

Here’s the announce trailer for Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Players can also test their skills and experiment with different Heroes and team combinations in single player missions before creating new strategies for their Hero by selecting compatible teammates.

“Use the adventure mode to one your skills and fine-tune your strategy, experimenting with different heroes and powerful teammate combinations along the way,” notes EA.

And here’s the gameplay video.

Additional features such as real-time competitive player-vs-player mode and a crafting system will be delivered by way of free updates later this year.

According to developers, the journey of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes began more than two years ago as a paper card game prototype built in the spare time of EA’s Creative Director, Devin Low.

Additional videos are available via the game’s jam-packed YouTube channel.

The game is “coming soon” worldwide, localized in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

For more information, check out the official website.

If you have a New Zealand App Store account, download Plants vs. Zombies Heroes for free from the New Zealand App Store.