How to use photo albums as desktop wallpapers

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One of the best things about Photos for Mac is that all the photos and albums which you added to your Photos library are readily available in any third-party app which support macOS’ built-in media browser.

For instance, using a photo of your significant other as a backdrop for an anniversary card template in Pages is as easy as dragging it out of the media browser window and dropping it onto the document.

In Photos, you can also set any picture as your wallpaper via the Share menu.

Additionally, your Mac lets you easily set any batch of photos found in Photos’ Moments, Collections, Years, Places, Faces, Albums and Shared as your wallpaper, and have them rotate in sequential or random order every few seconds, minutes or longer.

How to use photo albums as desktop wallpapers

1) Launch System Preferences by clicking its Dock icon, or search for “system preferences” in Spotlight.

2) Click the Desktop and Screen Saver preference pane and select the Desktop tab.

3) In the lefthand section, you will notice a section headlined as Photos. Click the triangle to reveal additional options.

Desktop wallpaper system preferences

4) Select a Moment, Collection, Year, Place, Face, Album or a Shared iCloud album to use as your Mac’s wallpaper.

5) To choose how the photos are scaled down or enlarged to fit the screen, click the pop-up menu above and select Fill Screen, Fit to Screen, Stretch to Fill Screen, Center or Tile option.

Set photo album as wallpaper

6) To have macOS automatically rotate your wallpaper image based on the selected Photos album, tick the box next to “Change picture”, and then click the pop-up menu to select the duration between images: Every 5 seconds, Every minute, Every 15 minutes, Every 30 minutes, Every hour and Every day.

Rotate wallpaper often

It’s especially nice that you can tell macOS to rotate your wallpaper image each time you log in to the Mac or your computer wakes from sleep. Combined together, these options bring a lot of variety to the look and feel of your Mac’s desktop.

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As you can see, the Desktop and Screen Saver preference pane also sports an option to use a folder on the Mac that’s filled with pictures as your desktop wallpaper.

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Setting a Photos album as a screen saver for your Apple TV

Moreover, Apple TV owners can create a screen saver with photos from their Mac by setting up the Home Sharing feature both in desktop iTunes and on the set-top box.

Home Sharing sign in on iTunes for Mac

Next, you must go to iTunes → File → Home Sharing → Choose Photos to Share with Apple TV, tick the box next to “Share Photos from” and select a Photos album in the pop-up menu, or select a custom folder with photos on your computer.

Your Apple TV will now download the photo folder to its storage and use the images for the screen saver shown on your big screen TV.

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