How about the tiniest game of pong for your Apple Watch?

A Tiny Game of Pong for Apple Watch teaser 001

Meet the tiniest game of pong for your Apple Watch, created by developer Matt Wiechec and aptly named A Tiny Game of Pong. Available free in the App Store for a limited time, this minimalist game lets you push your paddle back-and-forth across the display by turning the responsive Digital Crown.

You can play in the Classic or endless Arcade mode, track your high score and rank on Game Center, personalize the game to your liking with ten theme colors and, of course, you can also play A Tiny Game of Pong on your iPhone.

A version of the famous Atari classic, A Tiny Game of Pong was specifically designed to run on the Apple’s wrist-worn device and can be played standalone or while paired with an iPhone for added functionality.

The free app includes fast-paced arcade mode, basically an endless game with an unbeatable opponent which challenges you to last as long as you humanly can. The game is tactile, too: every time you hit the ball, the watch produces subtle haptic feedback.

Key features include:

  • Responsive Analog Controls – turn the Digital Crown to move your paddle.
  • Two Unique Game Modes – endless Arcade and Classic playoff mode.
  • Compete with friends for high scores with Game Center integration on Apple Watch.
  • Personalize your game to your Apple Watch band style with ten theme colors.
  • Plays standalone without iPhone.

A one-time $0.99 In-App Purchase unlocks worldwide leaderboards via Game Center, a Supporter Badge, ten custom them colors and the classic one-versus-one mode against an AI opponent in a first to three match.


This game requires an iPhone with iOS 9.0 or later and an Apple Watch. A Tiny Game of Pong is available free for a limited time.