Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Zentrum, Flame, & more…

Tweaks of the week

This week hasn’t been busy in terms of what the Cydia Store has had to offer for new jailbreak tweaks. Nonetheless, there have still been some interesting jailbreak tweak releases this week.

First, we’ll start with what we thought were some of the best releases, and then we’ll get into all the rest.

The best of this week

Zentrum – $1.99

zentrum app switcher and control center replacement

Zentrum is my favorite jailbreak tweak release this week, and it’s a great new App Switcher replacement that combines the App Switcher with Control Center, the music controls interface, and even a customizable app launcher. The interface is invoked with the stock App Switcher gesture, or with Activator.

Zentrum even includes a number of settings you can configure so that the tweak looks and behaves the way you want it to and so that you can use it to get to the apps you want to get to the most.

Its all-in-one interface makes accessing important parts of iOS a breeze, and I particularly like the time and care the developer put into ensuring the animations were of high quality and that the interface looked clean and polished.

Be sure to read our full review to learn more about Zentrum and all of its features.

Flame – Free

flame jailbreak tweak examples

Flame is a really cool jailbreak tweak released this week that lets you change some of the things about Cydia, whether those are appearance related or functionality related.

Whether you’re into making things look the way you want by way of colorization, a darker keyboard, hiding or showing outlines, or hiding or showing ads, Flame has you covered.

Flame also gives you a ton of functionality-based options, such as auto completion of installing packages, bulk source adding, package link sharing, and more.

Flame is a lot like the Springtomize of Cydia, letting you customize various things throughout it, but to learn more about everything it lets you do, our full review has the scoop.

Other releases this week

APTTimeout: Lets you set a custom timeout for refreshing Cydia sources (free)

ByeFolderName: Hides folder names from the Home screen (free)

ByeFolderView: Hides the app icons from the Folder icon on the Home screen (free)

ByeLens: Removes the searching lens when tapping and holding on text (free)

ByeSpotlight: Disables Spotlight search throughout iOS (free)

CopyRepoURL: Allows you to copy a repository’s URL from the Cydia sources list (free)

iClarityDemo: Disables antialiasing to clear up text on your display (free)

Lepidopterist: Search Spotlight for Cydia jailbreak tweaks and other packages (free)

ParallaxGone: Disables the Parallax effect throughout iOS (free)

PowerDown Customizer: A themable power down menu for iOS with additional options ($0.99)

Wifi Passwords List: Displays Wi-Fi passwords and other Wi-Fi information (free – review)

That’s about it for this week. Although there haven’t been any groundbreaking new jailbreak tweak releases this week, it’s always possible that next week could have something better in store.

If you missed our previous weekly jailbreak tweak roundup, don’t forget to check it out so you can see what else is new in the jailbreak world.

What were your favorite jailbreak tweak releases this week? Share in the comments below.