T-Mobile is offering 4 lines of unlimited LTE for $150

T-Mobile Family Match promotion

T-Mobile has just made its existing Family Match promotion a little more tempting. As was announced this morning, the carrier is offering data-hungry families up to four lines of unlimited LTE data for just $150 per month for the entire family, which works out to $37.5 per line.

“Now get 2 or more lines of Unlimited 4G LTE for the price of a 10GB plan, or 10GB for the price of 6GB,“ teases the carrier. And for a limited time, T-Mobile’s customers on a Simple Choice Family plan can get a fourth line at no additional charge.

In addition to offering families four lines with unlimited talk/text and 10 gigabytes of LTE data per line in exchange for $120 per month, you can sign up for two lines for $100 per month with 10 gigs per line for a 20 gig total, without data sharing.

Additional lines of unlimited LTE are available for $30 each, up to a total of 12 lines. The offer doesn’t have a pre-planned end date, though T-Mobile does state that families who sign up now can keep their Unlimited LTE rate plan for a minimum of at least two years with T-Mobile’s Un-contract and any other plan for as long as they’re a customer.

More details on this promotional offer can be found on the T-Mobile website.


These plans are available at T-Mobile stores, via their webstore or by calling 1-877-413-5903. The promo can be combined with the carrier’s existing Binge On, Data Stash, JUMP! On Demand, Mobile Without Borders and Music Freedom offers.

Source: T-Mobile