How to filter mature language for Siri and Dictation

how to disable Siri explicit language Apple TV

Sometimes when you use the dictation feature on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad—or just converse with Siri and it misunderstands you—you might be in for a surprise seeing explicit language that you don’t really want others to see, especially if you talk to Siri on your new Apple TV and kids are present.

Fortunately, both iOS and tvOS give you all the controls you need to prevent profanities from showing up when you use speech-to-text or Siri. In this post, you’ll learn how to disable explicit language for Siri and Dictation on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and filter out explicit language for Siri on your Apple TV.

Adjusting explicit language for Siri and Dictation requires diving into Restrictions settings, also known as parental controls, which lets parents block or limit certain features and services on iOS devices.

How to disable explicit language for Siri and Dictation on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Tap Settings → Screen Time → Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Step 2: If Content & Privacy Restrictions are disabled, tap to enable restrictions and create a passcode if prompted.

Step 3: Tap Content Restrictions.

Step 4: Under Siri, tap Explicit Language.

Step 5: Select Don’t Allow to disallow mature language for Siri and Dictation features.

Privacy Restrictions Siri Explicit Language iPhone

Now when you use Siri, or tap the microphone on the iOS keyboard, foul language will be filtered out with asterisks.

Bad words filtered by Siri

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How to disable explicit language for Siri on Apple TV

Step 1: Go to Settings → General → Restrictions.

Step 2: Select Restrictions to turn the feature on and create a four-digit passcode to access or change these settings. Enter the passcode again to confirm it, then select OK.

Step 3: In the Siri Explicit Language section, select Hide to filter mature language.

Siri explicit language on Apple TV

As you can see for yourself on the screenshot below, interacting with Siri will now filter out any profanities or otherwise explicit language. Go ahead, try this out yourself: after disabling explicit Siri language, hold the Siri button on your Siri Remote, speak a sentence with an F-word and watch what happens.

Siri explicit language filtered on Apple TV

If you don’t want to filter out foul language for Siri interactions, select Show in the Siri Explicit Language section.

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