Apple ‘frustrated’ by streaming TV challenges, says ESPN President

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Apple is frustrated with the many challenges it has faced in trying to build its streaming TV service, reports The Wall Street Journal. The outlet recently sat down with ESPN president John Skipper, who said the iPhone-maker is finding it tough to create something that works for both them and programmers.

“They are creating a significantly advantageous operating system and a great television experience and that television experience is fabulous for sports,” Mr. Skipper told the Journal. “We are big proponents of believing it would be a fabulous place to sell some subscriptions. We have ongoing conversations.”

It’s long been rumored that Apple wants to launch a streaming TV service with a slim channel lineup that would be much more affordable than traditional cable. Multiple reports claimed the plan was for it to debut last year alongside the new Apple TV, but complications forced the company to shelve the project.

Skipper seems to think that we may see some sort of movement on this front later this year though. “We’ve had discussions with Apple. I believe in 2016 there will be further announcements on other kinds of packages….that will get younger subscribers into the market.”

Source: WSJ