Agenda Widget+ is a highly customizable calendar widget for Notification Center

agenda widget notification center calendar

Agenda: Widget+ is an application whose sole purpose is to display a list of your future calendar events in Notification Center. The app itself, which actually acts as the preferences panel for the widget, offers multiple options to fine-tune the data displayed in Notification Center.

While Fantastical is my go-to calendar application on iOS, I have always found its Notification Center widget lacking in terms of controls. And it’s not just Fantastical. Other apps I have tried, including Apple’s own Calendar app, or Readdle’s Calendars 5 have the same limitations. They basically don’t offer any real way of selecting what you want to see in there, or the way it should look.

Agenda: Widget+ does just that. The app offers several customization features, but my favorite one has to be the ability to filter what calendars you want to see in Notification Center. For instance, my wife shares her calendar with me, but I don’t really care about seeing her daily events in Notification Center. Agenda: Widget+ lets me filter out that calendar so it doesn’t show in Notification Center.

Another interesting customization option is the ability to see events for today, or today and tomorrow, or for the next week, and more. Again, this is much welcome as it can offer a general overview of what the week ahead of you looks like, all this at a quick glance.

widget calendar settings

Those who want even finer refinements over what data can be displayed in the widget will like the option of being able to select the time, location, and more. This is real powerful stuff here.

Agenda: Widget+ has a few more features but these are definitely the headlining ones.

This app is very similar to another one I used to use a year or so ago called Agenda+, but its limited options, and more importantly, its complete lack of support drove me away from it. I’m just glad I found Agenda: Widget+ as a worthy replacement.

Agenda: Widget+ is available in the App Store for $0.99. If you want more control over your Notification Center calendar widget, then give it a try.