AT&T resurrects unlimited data but only for DIRECTV or U-Verse customers

ATT unlimited data pricing chart

United States carrier AT&T on Monday announced a brand new unlimited data plan since removing that option a few years ago, but there’s a catch: you have to be using the carrier’s DIRECTV or U-Verse service.

According to the fine print, the new $100 per month plan is limited to smartphones. But what about those who’d like to take advantage of it on an iPad?

Well, they’ll have to pay an additional $40 per month to add a tablet device or another smartphone to the plan, or fork an additional $10 to add a smartwatch to the service.

“Our new unlimited plan is our best offer yet. It’s the perfect reward for our valued customers who like to take advantage of our integrated offers of TV and wireless services,” said Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions.

The plan offers unlimited data, talk and text and lets you add a fourth smartphone at no additional cost. No tethering or mobile hotspot use is allowed with the new service.

On top of that, after 22 gigabytes of usage, AT&T may slow data speeds. New or existing DIRECTV or U-Verse TV subscriber who are not subscribed to an AT&T wireless service will be treated to $500 in credits for a limited time after switching to the Unlimited Plan with an eligible trade-in and buying a smartphone on AT&T Next.

“And, if you are an AT&T wireless customer, but not a DIRECTV subscriber, you can add a TV package beginning at $19.99 per month for 12 months, with a 24 month agreement,” noted the company.

If you combine your AT&T wireless and DIRECTV/U-Verse bills, you’ll save an additional $10 a month. Lastly, the carrier is introducing a new 1 GB tablet plan for $10 per month, which is exclusively available for customers on the Unlimited Plan.

For additional fine print, check out The Verge.

The new Unlimited Plan goes into effect tomorrow.

Source: AT&T