Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Akri, Eucnide, and more

Tweaks of the week

This week, Cydia started off the new year by receiving more than just a few new jailbreak tweak releases to satisfy those looking for a way to change something their iOS device does. Like many weeks before this one, many of the releases are far from anything to get excited about, but there have certainly been some gems released this week that could be worth your time to try out on your spare time.

Akri: lets you access your favorite apps right from the Lock screen ($1.99)

App Admin: offers a way to downgrade your App Store apps if Apple still hosts them online (free – review)

Avus: removes suggested Tweets from your timeline in the official Twitter app (free)

CircleBookMark: makes Safari’s bookmark icons circular (free – review)

ColorSafariProgress: lets you colorize the Safari progress bar (free – review)

DockAlpha: lets you modify the alpha level of your dock (free – review)

EmojiPred: adds the power of Emoji to your predictive keyboard (free)

Eucnide: a redesigned Control Center/App Switcher experience that reminds us of Auxo Legacy Edition ($1.99)

FirstEditBookmark: lets you to edit the bookmark URL while adding a bookmark in Safari (free – review)

FlashColor: lets you change the color of the screenshot flash (free)

FlashRing: turn the flashlight on or off with the ringer/silent switch (free – review)

FlatSafariURL: gives the URL bar in Safari a flatter appearance (free – review)

LowLSSlider: lowers the Lock Screen’s volume slider to prevent accidental media control tapping (free)

NanoChargingView: gives your Lock Screen an Apple Watch-inspired charging interface (free)

NoChargedMsg: hides the large battery percentage battery from the Lock Screen when charging (free)

NoPhotoScrubber: hides the photo scrubber in the iOS 9 Photos app (free)

NoWhiteFlash: disables the white screenshot flash entirely (free)

QuickReply For Viber: another quick reply for the Viber app that claims to be the best (free)

RedesignedNotifications: allows you to give your iOS notifications a custom makeover ($1.50)

RespringProgress: shows a progress bar when respringing or rebooting ($0.99 – review)

SweetDisplay: lets you customize app opening/closing animations ($1.99)

If I had to pick what my three favorite releases this week were, I’d have to go with Akri, Eucnide, and RedesignedNotifications, but I’d also have to give a shout out to App Admin for being incredibly useful when an app developer launches an application update that you’re not so comfortable with and want to go back to a previous version.

What are your favorite jailbreak tweak releases this week?