The uber–challenging Super Hexagon is Apple’s Free App of the Week


Super Hexagon is one of my favorite iOS games of all time. Its controls are perfect for touch screens, its learning curve is simple, and its challenge is legendary. Terry Cavanagh’s creation is so good that I was actually inspired to make a video just to talk about Super Hexagon–something I wouldn’t normally do.

Needless to say, Apple must feel like I do about the game, and it wants more people to get to know it and appreciate it. This is actually the second time that Super Hexagon, a game that normally sells for $2.99, has been made available for free as a part of an Apple promotion. Previously, the game had gone free inside of the Apple Store app, but as of yesterday, Super Hexagon is now featured as Apple’s Free App of the Week.

The basic premise of Super Hexagon–navigating a triangle through a maze of geometric shapes using left and right tap gestures–may appear simple on the surface, but it’s actually maddeningly challenging. It’s addictive, because it’s quick to start over when you die, and it’s easy to make slight improvements with each play through.

On the iPhone it’s a great game, but on the iPad it’s even more immersive. Super Hexagon is a universal app, and an absolute must-download if you haven’t done so already. Seriously, it’s ridiculous that a game this good can be had for free, so what are you waiting for?