Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Cello, Vizoom, and more

Tweaks of the week

If you’ve been too busy celebrating the holidays and the new year to keep up with the new tweaks that were recently released, then we’ve got you covered. It’s all here for you in one easy to digest post. Spoiler alert: you didn’t really miss anything.  

AlienBlueMusicFriendlyGfys: a seemingly useful tweak with an awful name (free)

Cello: adds 3D Touch support to all media types in the Music app ($0.99)

ClearDock: removes the Dock background (free)

Dwnldr: easily download videos from the Tumblr app ($0.99)

Forton: customize certain aspects of the Lock screen (free)

Garmin Connect Fixes: tweaks for the Garmin Connect app (free)

LowPowerModeStatusBar: adds a custom icon in the Status Bar when on Low Power Mode (free)

MetaMorph: offers several options to customize the Home and Lock screens (free)

NemerovPlus: customize the animation when taking a screenshot ($1.99)

PinchToClose: pinch on folders to close them (free)

TransparentFolders: makes folders background transparent (free)

Vizoom: lets you zoom the picture in picture window (free)

WalkingDead: lets you fake your current location and pretend you are walking ($1)

My picks of the week are Cello and Vizoom. What are yours?