Apple Stores to begin selling accessibility-related accessories and peripherals in early-2016

Apple Store Front logo San Francisco

According to the Japanese blog Macotkara, Apple Stores are expected to start stocking accessibility-related accessories and peripherals in the fiscal 2016 second quarter, which works out to the January-March timeframe. The report doesn’t detail which accessories Apple’s retail stores might carry beyond stating that they will be iOS/OS X-compatible.

Apple has done a lot in years past to make its products appeal to people with disabilities. Its efforts were recognized by The American Foundation for the Blind which gave the company a Helen Keller Achievement Award for its Voice Over feature.

The president of the National Federation of the Blind thinks that the iPhone maker “has done more for accessibility than any other company.”

In addition to Voice Over, Apple’s Accessibility technologies in iOS and OS X include features such as Guided Access, high-contrast interfaces, full-screen zooming and more. Back in October 2015, the Cupertino firm was involved with the NDIS New World Conference 2015 which was held in Australia.

The App Store recently highlighted apps for Global Accessibility Awareness Day and also celebrated the anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act.

Source: Macotkara (Google Translate)