Score a new Apple TV (32GB) for only $99 at local Radio Shack stores

radio shack

If you’re like me, the most surprising thing about that headline might be that Radio Shack brick and mortar stores still exist. But they do, and if you have one near you, you may be able to score Apple’s recently released Apple TV 4 for only $99. That’s a cool $50 off the retail price of the 32GB model.

This is a great deal, and it’s by far the cheapest we’ve seen the new Apple TV going for. If you’ve yet to upgrade, now would be the time to seriously consider doing so.

Unfortunately, the $99 Apple TV is unavailable for online purchase, but it is being sold in local stores. You just need to check if a Radio Shack location near you has any in stock. I checked, and it looks like there are over 21 Apple TV 4’s available locally for me. Chances are, it will be similar for you. Simply head over to Radio Shack’s website to check inventory.

You can read our full Apple TV review, and watch our video review below.

What we found is a device that’s far from perfect, but has tons of potential. The recent addition of Remote app support and Siri search for Apple Music have proved to be two timely updates that make the experience much better than before.

What do you think about this deal? Is a $50 price drop big enough for you to bite? If anything, you might be able to get Best Buy to price match this. It might be worth a shot if there are no Radio Shack locations near you.