Mileage tracker app Jerrycan: learn how your driving impacts your fuel bills and environment

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Today I want to highlight an interesting new app, Jerrycan for iPhone by Pavlo Grozian which lets you track your fuel consumption and fuel expenses. Unlike most mileage-tracker apps in the App Store, Jerrycan shows you how individual driving impacts the ecology with wealth of information at your fingertips including overconsumption peaks, pollution emission, fuel waste and driving efficiency.

And with individual tips and guides, Jerrycan can teach you to drive wisely, waste less fuel and improve your fuel­ efficiency.

The app was designed to track your car actual fuel consumption, miles-per-gallon and mileage for city and motorway, but it’s much more than a simple tracker: Jerrycan acts as your personal coach that provides valuable advice on fuel-efficient driving.

“We believe that it’s possible to reduce fuel waste by letting people know how much fuel their car actually consumes and show a real impact on the ecology,” I’m told.

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Jerrycan collects various data from external sources, such as gas station ratings, helping drivers select the best gas station with high-­quality petrol, thus cutting their fuel expenses and reducing the impact on the environment.

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The app can optionally remind you to enter fill-up details every time you come to a gas station to fill up the tank. These kinds of apps usually prompt you to enter a bunch of numbers, which can be really tedious. With Jerrycan, intuitive sliders help you enter fill-up details and other data without needing to type out a bunch of numbers.

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Your car’s odometer already tracks your mileage, why would you need an app for that?

Well, if you’re thinking about collecting that data over the course of months to compare later, and add other factors, you should consider taking Jerrycan for a spin—especially if you’re curious how many trees your driving has saved and how much oil you have wasted because tank-to-tank monitoring is not enough for fuel-efficient driving.

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Jerrycan for iPhone highlights:

You should appreciate the following features in Jerrycan:

  • Actual fuel consumption—Jerrycan shows your actual fuel consumption, MPG and mileage for city road and motorway. Advanced statistics and reports encourage you waste less fuel.
  • Track your fuel expenses—Know your real cost per mile or km and how much you spend on fuel daily, monthly or lifetime. Easily calculate the cost of your next trip basing on previous experience.
  • Improve your driving habits—Providing individual driving tips and guides, Jerrycan becomes your personal coach that helps you drive smoother, more fuel efficient and greener.
  • Eco driving and cost savings—With basic eco-driving skills, you can sa​ve up to 20% of your fuel bills, which is huge. As well as saving on fuel you can significantly reduce carbon footprint in your country or state.
  • Ease of use—Enter fill-up details with just a few taps only. Jerrycan has intuitive sliders for ​entering data instead of typing lots of numbers.
  • Reminders to save fill-up data—Whenever you’re on the gas station to fill up the tank with fuel, Jerrycan will remind you to save fill-up details.
  • Gas station ratings—Use the best for your car. View gas station ratings and select the best gas station to fill up your car with high-quality fuel.
  • Import data seamlessly—If you’re using any other fuel tracking app and tired of filling out numerous numbers, outdated and clumsy interface, you can easily switch to Jerrycan. Simply import your data to Jerrycan app.
  • Developers claim that basic eco-­driving skills go a long way toward saving up to twenty percent of fuel bills while helping reduce carbon footprint significantly.

The next major update to Jerrycan will include maintenance logbook.


Jerrycan requires an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 8.0 or later and is localized in English, Russian and Ukrainian. The app is available in the App Store at a special introductory price of $2.99 (regularly $5.99).