Tweaks of the week: Splitify, 3DNotifications, and more

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As we enter the last month of the year, the jailbreak community is still going strong, despite the lack of any jailbreak for iOS’ latest version. Like every Sunday, we sum up the new releases in Cydia for your perusing. Have a look and share what your favorites are in the comments section.

AppSter: lets you view and export various content from your iPhone (free)

EasyAppOrientation: lets you lock the screen orientation on a per-app basis (free – review)

ExtraIconDock: allows you to add more icons to your Dock (free)

Goodges: replaces app badges by labels (free)

HardwareSpecs: adds hardware information in the General section of Settings app (free – review)

KidSecure: secures various aspects of your kid’s iPhone ($1.49)

KillBackground9: a quick way to kill backgrounded apps ($0.99)

MuteCall Flipswitch: a Flipswitch mute phone and FaceTime calls (free)

PanicLock9: allows you to discretely lock a device with a gesture ($0.99)

PythAlarm: forces you to solve an equation to stop the alarm from ringing ($0.99)

SmallLSClock: disables the large Lock screen clock and moves the clock to the Status Bar (free)

SmartTouch: a tweak that creates virtual buttons ($0.99)

Splitify: brings Split View to all devices (free – review)

Tweak Count 2: shows how many packages are installed in Cydia (free – review)

ExchangePass9: lets you bypass Exchange’s passcode (free)

StealthFolder: changes the look of folders (free)

3DNotifications: lets you Peek and Pop notifications ($1.50)

My picks of the week are EasyAppOrientation, Splitify, and 3DNotifications. What are yours?