Tweaks of the week: AppDrawer, DeleteCut, and more

Jailbreak tweaks of the week

Like every Sunday we bring the latest jailbreak tweaks directly to you so you don’t have to sift through Cydia looking for that special gem. We’ve seen a steady flow of tweak releases for the last few weeks, and this week is no different. Still waiting for that killer iOS 9 jailbreak tweak though…

AppDrawer: an Android-inspired application drawer for jailbroken iPhones ($1.99 – review)

ColorKeys: change keyboard color (free)

DeleteCut: delete entire words when tapping the Delete key while holding the Shift key (free)

DMTQFix: bypasses jailbreak detection on DJMac Technika Q (free)

EmojiKey: replaces the Dictation key with the Emoji key (free)

FBNotifyClear: clear Facebook notifications quickly (free)

Fern: a customizable app launcher available from anywhere ($1.99)

Genesis: a bunch of UI tweaks all in one tweak (free)

Homemade Bread: use the Home button to activate Back to App breadcrumb ($1.50)

InstantTouchID: lets you unlock with Touch ID when the device is locked and screen is black (free)

iTouchSecure for iOS 9: powercharges what you can do with Touch ID ($4.99)

Melodic 2: lets you share songs, edit metadata, and much more ($1.49)

Native youTube Share: brings iOS sharing menu to YouTube app (free)

NoMoreMagnifier: removes the magnifying glass when selecting text (free)

NoTrackpad: removes the two-finger gesture on iPad (free)

PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 9: powercharges the Photos app ($2.99)

ScreenLock: disables the screen Home button, Notification and Control Centers while the tweak is active (free)

My picks of the week are AppDrawer and DeleteCut. What are yours?