Review: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Tech case for iPhone 6s


I’ve been using the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Tech case for my iPhone 6s since the device launched. As many of you know, I’ve never been big on cases, but the dings and dents suffered on my previous generation iPhone 6 Plus convinced me that I needed to reconsider the case-less strategy.

I decided that I would try a case, but it had to be one that wasn’t overly bulky or gaudy. Thankfully, the choice was fairly easy, because the folks over at Spigen sent us a package with no less than 20 cases and accessories.

I’ve already covered some of their products in previous posts, but today I’d like to talk to you about the Ultra Hybrid Tech case for Apple’s latest flagship phone. Is it any good?

The Ultra Hybrid Tech is a simple case with a couple of features that make it worthy of your consideration. First and foremost, the case looks great when paired with my rose gold iPhone 6s. This particular version features a pink hue that perfectly complements my iPhone’s color.

Most importantly, however, is the case’s inclusion of what Spigen calls Synergy Technology and Air Cushion technology. These buzzwords basically amount to the fact that the case features a bumper that surrounds the outer perimeter of the phone, providing it with extra protective layers of cushion. These protective layers come in handy for those (hopefully rare) occasions where you drop your phone, especially at odd angles.

The addition of the Ultra Hybrid Tech case also means that my once slippery iPhone 6s is now much easier to grasp and hold, and the likelihood of it slipping out of my hands is greatly reduced.

But regardless of how non-slippery a case is, or how careful you may be, it’s virtually inevitable that you’re going to drop your iPhone at some point during your ownership. I’ve dropped my phone on several occasions, with one drop being particularly bad, but the Ultra Hybrid took the lick and kept my iPhone ticking.

Everything else about this case functions in a way so that you’re not always reminded that your phone is in a case. In other words, the product does a good job of protecting your iPhone without needlessly getting in the way at every opportunity.

I have to be honest and admit that I’m not a fan of everything Spigen makes. Some of the cases it sent over just didn’t appeal to me visually and form-factor-wise. The Ultra Hybrid Tech isn’t one of those cases, though. It’s a genuinely good-looking and well-functioning product that I can recommend for all iPhone 6s owners looking to protect their investment.

You can snag the Ultra Hybrid Tech case for $14.99 on Amazon.