Firefox web browser is now available for iOS

Firefox logo (full size)

After an apparent soft launch back in September, the team at Mozilla has fully taken the wraps off of its Firefox web browser for iOS. The popular browser is now available globally, and for all iOS devices as a universal app.

The 39.6 MB download is available free of charge on the App Store, and comes in at version 1.1. Learn more about what this highly anticipated release entails inside.

Firefox iOS

If you’re a big Firefox fan on the desktop, then it makes sense to want to use the same browser on mobile, especially if you use Firefox sync.

Firefox includes many of the same amenities that you get on other mobile browsers. There’s, of course, tabs, swipe to go back/forward, search suggestions, etc.

There’s even a reader mode that will strip out all unnecessary content on a web page, leaving just the pertinent text and images. There’s also  a Reading List-inspired feature for offline reading.

The browser does feature some noticeable omissions, however. For instance, users of the popular 1Password password management tool will be disappointed to find a lack of support for interfacing with 1Password directly from Firefox’s share button.

It’s a great start that should make dedicated Firefoxers happy, but remember it’s still relatively early in its release cycle.

Again, Firefox web browser is a free download on the App Store. Are you planning on trying it?