Tweaks of the week: Popcorn, Tactful, and more…

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Now that Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.0.2, any chance to downgrade to that firmware version has gone down the drain, so we sure hope you did what you had to do when it was still possible to do it.

This week saw once again a solid amount of jailbreak tweak releases. We’re still waiting for “the” tweak for iOS 9, but until then, all these smaller releases will do just fine.

In this post, we list all the tweaks that were released this week on Cydia. Check them out, and tell us which ones are your favorites.

Auris: lets you choose what music app to open when plugging your headphones in ($1.99)

BrowserBreadcrumbCleaner: automatically closes the tab when tapping “Back to app” in Safari or Chrome (free – review)

BrowserTab: a new way to switch tabs in safari ($1.49)

Bluetooth Devices Renamer: lets you rename Bluetooth devices in Settings (free)

FSVideoOnlyMessages: plays videos in full screen instead of inline in Messages app (free)

Label Notify: replaces icon badges with labels showing number of notifications ($0.99)

Pegasus: brings Picture in Picture mode to all iOS 9 devices ($2.99 – review)

Popcorn: peek and pop on your Home screen icons ($0.99)

Remote Messages (iOS 9): a remote browser front-end for Messages ($3.99)

Safe Alarm 2: gives you more control over your alarms ($0.99)

Screenshot App: lets you prettify your screenshots ($1.99)

SFSafariViewController all the things: adds Safari View Controller support to Twitter, Gmail, WhatsApp and Alien Blue (free – review)

Shake To Undo Flipswitch: a Flipswitch for the Shake to Undo feature (free)

SpotWhite: makes the Spotlight background white (free)

StopPlayin9: disables the Music app auto-play feature in iOS 9 (free)

SwitcherTweak Pro: a collection of tweaks for the App Switcher ($0.99)

Tactful: brings 3D Touch support to Cydia (free – review)

Tether: a unique new jailbreak tweak for creating quick Alarms, Reminders, or Calendar events ($0.99 – review)

TypeStatus 2: displays an iMessage typing and read indicator in the Status Bar (free)

Unicode Faces: adds Unicode faces to your keyboard (free)

My picks of the week are BrowserBreadcrumbCleaner, Popcorn, and Tactful. What are yours?