Runkeeper’s latest update lets you record your runs directly on Apple Watch

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Runkeeper has refreshed its iPhone application with a fully native watchOS 2 app so you can record your runs and heart rates directly on your Apple Watch, without needing to bring your iPhone with you. If you typically go running with an iPhone strapped to your arm, you’ll appreciate phone-free jogging with the new Runkeeper.

In other changes, new post-activity music analytics will create a full rundown of your playlist and your pace for each song after you’ve finished your run.

You can now start, pause and stop your running session directly on your wrist, check your distance and times and get an at-a-glance overview of your heart rate, courtesy of new APIs allowing native Apple Watch apps to directly poll the device’s health and fitness sensors and other hardware.

And if you give Runkeeper permissions to access the data stored in your iPhone’s Health app, your calories, distances and workouts will be logged automatically and shared with other apps you gave permission to access Health data.

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On the downside, because the Apple Watch doesn’t have built-in GPS, Runkeeper cannot show you the route you take when using it unless you have your iPhone on you.

Runkeeper 6.2 changelog

Here’s everything that’s new and improved in Runkeeper 6.2 for iOS:

  • Standalone app for the Apple Watch. Hold the phone! That means you can run without your phone and still track with Runkeeper. You’ll also get heart rate data on the run, and can easily swipe right or force touch to pause an activity on the go. Also, you get to leave your phone at home (in case you needed a reminder).
  • Post-activity music analytics. “Do I really run faster to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ or am I just imagining that?” Wonder no more! Run with music in Runkeeper (via Spotify, iTunes, or Runkeeper DJ), and after the run you’ll get a full rundown of your playlist and your pace for each song. You’ll also get to see the same for your Runkeeper friends. Have fun comparing notes.
  • Spotify integration bug fixes. What do you mean? Nothing’s getting in the way between you, your run, and the latest Bieber hit.
  • Workout rewards bug fixes. Redeeming those rewards should be a breeze, once again.

Run keeper is optimized for iOS 9.

RunKeeper teaser 001

By the way, you might have noticed Runkeeper’s recent rebranding effort resulting in a sleeker shoelace “R” which now looks a lot better versus the old, somewhat whimsical logo.

RunKeeper 6.2 for iOS app icon full size

Visit Runkeeper’s blog for more information on the rebranding effort.


RunKeeper requires an iPhone with iOS 7.0 or later and is localized in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Download RunKeeper at no charge from the App Store.