Apple Music guided tour series goes live prior to initial wave of free trial expirations

Apple Music

Just as the initial batch of Apple Music free trials are set to expire, Apple has posted over a half-dozen new guided tour videos on its YouTube channel. The aim of the video series is clear—to help new and existing users understand how Apple Music works.

Although over 11 million users have signed up for the free trial, the general consensus seems to be that Apple Music is more difficult to use than necessary. Apple faces stiff competition, primarily from the likes of Spotify, who’s service is fairly straightforward and easy to use.

On the eve of the first wave of free trial expirations, it’s a critical time for Apple Music. After giving users three months to test out its service, Apple must convince its trial user base that its monthly subscription service is worth paying for. The new guided tours are aiming to clear up misconceptions, answer questions, and serve as virtual how tos.

Apple Music Guided Tour Playlist

Keep in mind that many of the free trials will be expiring soon. I signed up on day one, and my service is set to renew on Wednesday, September 30th. We’ve created a guide to show you how to disable Apple Music’s auto-renewal if you wish to do so before the first charge appears on your credit card.

Back in July, we asked you if you’d be keeping Apple Music beyond the free trial, and many of you responded that you would not or are undecided. I’m personally still undecided, and probably won’t make my decision until the 11th hour. I signed up for a trial family subscription, but I don’t feel like my wife uses it enough to justify the $5 in additional charge. If anything, I’ll probably downgrade to a personal account.

Apple has spent lots on ramping up its subscription streaming service, attracting artists with exclusive content, and potentially canabalizing its own iTunes Store in the process, though, the well has been drying up there for some time.

Needless to say, Wednesday is a big deal for Apple. True, it’s releasing the next version of OS X on that day, September 30th, but perhaps even more important is the public’s response to the first wave on incoming monthly subscription fees for its streaming music service.

As a reminder, Apple charges $9.99 for an individual Apple Music subscription, and $14.99 for a family subscription for up to 6 users. What do you plan on doing? Are you staying or going?