Spark email app gains iOS 9 support, default From: account, customizable quick replies and more

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Quick Replies iPhone screenshot 001

Spark, Readdle’s excellent iPhone app for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud and other email services, is now compatible with iOS 9 features, including 3D Touch on new iPhones.

Spark 1.2 for iPhone also includes the ability to select any email account or alias as default FROM: address for new emails. The app now lets you customize canned replies to your liking and includes a host of other improvements.

Customizable Quick Replies

As mentioned, Spark’s built-in canned responses, called Quick Replies, can now be fully customized. You can add or remove them as you like, or create new ones to fit your productivity workflow.

Spark 1.2 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

Best of all, these Quick Replies carry over to Spark’s Apple Watch app, making it even easier to reply to emails from your wrist with pre-made responses. If you don’t like Quick Replies, you can disable them in settings.

Other tidbits

You can now select your default email account that the app will use to send new emails from, as shown below. The default FROM: account can be selected in Mail Accounts → Default Email Address within Spark’s settings.

Spark 1.2 for iOS FROM account iPhone screenshot 002

A pair of new options are also available to better control how your email workflow works. For instance, you can now tell the app to return to the main email list when a message is archived or deleted. Previously, the app would open the next email in your list.

Spark 1.2 for iOS Email workflow iPhone screenshot 003

Another new option lets you enable both Archive and Delete toolbar buttons, or choose to enable only one of these. The new email workflow options are available under the new Email Viewer section within Spark’s settings.

Spark 1.2 for iOS Calendars iPhone screenshot 004

Last but not least, Spark will no longer overwhelm your calendar view as you can now selectively show or hide specific calendars by tapping on Spark’s calendar icon in the toolbar and then hitting the new List button in the upper right corner of the interface.

For those wondering, the Spark team is working around the clock to bring you even more features, including full Exchange support, new localizations, an iPad edition and—yes—a Mac edition of Spark.

Spark 1.2 changelog

Spark 1.2 includes the following changes, fixes and improvements:


  • iOS 9 Ready—Spark is fully compatible with iOS 9, latest and greatest iPhone OS release.
  • Default “From:” Account—Select any email account or alias as default “from:” address for new emails.
  • Show/Hide Calendars—Manage which calendars appear in your schedule to hide less important events.
  • Customizable Quick Replies—New Spark allows you to tune Quick Replies section to your liking. You can add remove or edit them as you want.


  • Today is much easier to spot in Calendar
  • Return to list view when email is archived, moved or deleted with new “Email Viewer” setting
  • Show both Delete and Archive buttons on toolbar when reading an email with another “Email Viewer” setting.

An update last month has brought out such improvements as support for email aliases and HTML signatures, new swipe options, moving emails between different email accounts and more. It’s worth mentioning that Spark supports importing your passes from emails into iOS 9’s Wallet app as well.


The 50.1-megabyte app requires iOS 8.3 or later.

The iPhone app includes a WatchKit extension to check important messages on your wrist with a Glance, reply to messages with canned responses or dictation in the Apple Watch app and more.

Spark has a native interface on the iPhone and iPod touch, is optimized for native display resolution of the iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and localized in English only.

Grab Spark at no charge in the App Store.