Apple’s plans for walk-in iPhone 6s purchases largely unchanged from past iPhone launches

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The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are scheduled to hit retail stores on September 25 and a new report published today provides an insight into the company’s retail launch plans for the new devices.

Though hardly different from past iPhone launches, you’re advised to check out the following tidbits for a more seamless shopping experience regardless of whether you have pre-ordered your iPhone with in-store pickup or are planning on waltzing inside your local Apple Store on launch day.

Like in years past, this year’s iPhone launch includes some of the common restrictions customers have grown accustomed to. For starters, your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus purchase will be limited to two devices per day.

In addition, you can only buy two per store reservation.

If past iPhone launches are anything to go by, there will be lines outside Apple Stores for this year’s iPhone 6s launch. The stores will split queued customers into two new lines on the big day at about 6am.

People who made an online reservation for their iPhone will be in one line and new buyers in the other. Apple Stores will open doors to customers at 8am local time, with reservations for customers that need them allocated about fifteen minutes earlier.

Customers with wait times shorter than two hours “will be encouraged to stay and wait” and Apple will reportedly give out free food and drink to keep the crowd happy. You can also leave and rejoin the queue at your reservation time.

“On the big day, Apple will once again close normal Genius Bar appointment services to dedicate as many people as possible, about 50 percent of specialists and Geniuses, to iPhone sales,” writes author Mark Gurman. “Other initiatives like Personal Training will also be shut down for the launch period.”

As is its wont, Apple will be helping up new customers set up their iPhone and transfer their data to it. Store employees will inform customers about Apple’s new iPhone Upgrade Program (Apple is also readying a ‘Move to iOS’ Android app to help streamline the process).

Last but not least, should your local Apple Store run out of iPhone 6s stock, you will be permitted to make a reservation for a future date via the Apple Online Store from 8am every day.

Did you opt to have your iPhone 6s delivered at your doorstep or will you be waiting in line on September 25?

Source: 9to5Mac