5 last-minute preparation tips before iPhone 6s pre-orders go live

line at apple store over night

The Apple Store is down and the stage is set for the release of the new iPhone 6s. We’re hoping for a much-improved online ordering experience since Apple revamped its online store, but you can never be sure when it comes to Apple pre-orders.

The last big pre-order event was for the Apple Watch, and that was an absolute nightmare. Granted, Apple didn’t have nearly as much Apple Watch inventory as it will have iPhone inventory, so things should be quite a bit better this go around.

Still, though, there are steps that you can take to make your morning a whole lot easier. Although there should be plenty of supply, you need not take any risks or create any unnecessary delays. You want to approach this ordering process in a strategic and tactical manner.

This is your mission. To succeed at this mission, you’ll want to take the following five steps seriously…

Set multiple alarms

If you’re on the west coast, first of all, congratulations, you spoiled brat. You should be able to stay up until 12:01 AM and order your new iPhone and enjoy a normal sleep schedule. If you’re an east coaster like I am, I’m sorry. Things get a little more difficult for us. To help out, set a few alarms on multiple devices. I find that 2:50AM works pretty good for me, but go earlier if you think you need the extra time.

Bad Blood

Not the song I want to hear at 2:50 AM

Although I like the song, I find Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood incredibly irritating to hear early in the morning, so I set that as an alarm. Set whatever song you despise hearing, which will motivate you to get up even if you’re extremely tired.

iPhone pre-order alarm

What? You thought I was joking?

If you have an iPad, set that alarm too. Place it in strategic area of your bedroom so that you’re forced to get up and hunt it down.

Use the Apple Store App

If you haven’t already installed the Apple Store App on your iPhone, do so right now. The Apple Store app is often the easiest way to order an iPhone during pre-order periods. Historically speaking, Apple’s website hasn’t performed very well for pre-orders, but maybe things will be difference since Apple redesigned its store. Whatever the case, don’t take needless risks. Put the Apple Store app on your first Home screen page and get ready

Apple Store App

Add your credit card to Apple Pay beforehand

One of the benefits of using the Apple Store App is that you can quickly checkout with Touch ID. If you’re using a special credit card for this particular payment, be sure to add it now to Apple Pay so that you don’t have to fool with it during go time. Apple Pay is by far the fastest way to check out on the Apple Store, especially when you’re dead tired and semi-delirious.

Apple Pay Apple Store App

Toggle Wi-Fi

In the past, I’ve run into situations where using my cellular connection instead of my local Wi-Fi connection allowed me to get my order through successfully. I’m not sure if this was due to a DNS issue, if it was a coincidence, or what. But it’s worth a shot if you’re finding that the order process keeps timing out.

Toggle Wi-Fi

Have your computer ready

Although the Apple Store app should work, it’s always good to have a backup plan or two. Have your laptop ready and charged, and place it beside you bed so that you can use it in case of an emergency.

Those are all of the tips I have, but I know that some of you have tips you can add to the list. I’ll meet you down below in the comments to check out your suggestions. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two as well.