Sale: 1Password is now 30% off on Mac and 1Password Pro is now 50% off on iOS


If you’ve yet to purchase a copy of 1Password for your Mac, iPhone and iPad, now is definitely the time to consider doing so. Despite our urgings over the years via blog posts, and via our podcasts, we’re aware that there may still be a few of you out there who have yet to make this great security investment.

Starting today, both 1Password Pro for iOS and 1Password for Mac are both reduced in price significantly. Now is a great time to get in the game, and start taking responsibility for your security.

The iOS version of 1Password is a free app anyway, so there’s really no barrier to entry. There is an in app purchase to enable additional pro features like Apple Watch Support, however, and that’s what’s on sale for half off at only $4.99.

The Mac version, which normally retails for $50, is on sale for 30% less, at $34.99. Both apps are highlight respectable, and make my life so much easier. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine doing my job, or just using my Mac or iPhone without these great apps.

Both of these apps allow you to do the following:

  • Manage passwords
  • Manage personal information
  • Generate secure passwords
  • Act as a Two-Factor authentication hub
  • Integrate with iOS apps for quick logins

With 1Password, every site that you log in to gets its own unique password. This is all secured via a complex master password, and the data can be synced via an encrypted database on iCloud or DropBox.

It’s important that every site have its own unique password, and that you don’t use the same password for multiple sites. That way, if one site gets compromised, the exposure is limited to just that one site, not all of the sites that you have logins for.

It would take a very dedicated person and a complex system to make this happen on your own. 1Password can lend you the peace of mind that you need in this day and age, where sites are under attack constantly.

I’m not trying to scare you, but I just want you to know how important it is that you take your security into your own hands. Stop using the same five passwords on every site you visit, and start protecting yourself—even if you don’t use 1Password.

What about you guys? Do you use 1Password or another password management solution for your sensitive data? Sound off and let me know.