Crisp drone footage narrated by Steve Jobs offers a detailed look at iSpaceship progress

Apple Campus 2 (Rendering 001, Retina-optimized)

The Apple Campus 2 project, a future 2.8 million square foot home for approximately 12,000 Apple employees, is coming along nicely. The structure, affectionally dubbed the iSpaceship due to its ring-shaped design, was recently filmed from above by Silicon Valley-based videographer Duncan Sinfield who shared his footage with MacRumors.

The high-quality aerial video includes segments of Steve Jobs’ 2011 project pitch to the Cupertino City Council as a voiceover. The video is well worth watching as it gives details on the different buildings Apple is constructing while offering progress comparisons with the previous footage from early August.

Here it is.

If you can’t see the video embed above, click this YouTube link.

Of particular interest, the video shows a two-story underground parking lot with metal roofing, an underground auditorium (with interior walls) for future Apple events and corporate meetings and a second four-story work-in-progress garage at the west of the campus.

Though the project went over budget and faced a few unexpected setbacks and delays, it’s on track to be completed in late 2016. In addition to 2.8 million square feet of office space, an underground parking lot and a 120,000 square foot auditorium, the project will include an Apple Store, a dedicated visitor’s center complete with an observation deck, a 100,000 square foot fitness center, a research and development facility and more.

Source: MacRumors