Oeago’s Ultra Thin iPhone 6 case is just 0.3mm thick


One of the best features of the iPhone 6 is the ultra slim design. It is so thin, it could hide behind a CD case. You may want to protect your high tech device but not want to add any bulk at all.

Oeago makes an Ultra Thin case for the iPhone 6 that is actually the thinnest you can buy. At only 0.3mm thick and weighing only 0.3 ounces, the case adds the least amount of bulk to your iPhone 6 possible so you can maintain the same aesthetic you love.

The case is made from soft thermoplastic polyurethane so it is fully flexible. It wraps around the device like a protective skin. It is transparent, so you can see your iPhone 6 in all of its glory. There are cutaways for ports and controls and a hole on the backside of the case for the back-facing camera.

Due to the ultra thin nature of this case, there is no lip to protect your screen when lying on a flat surface, so you may want to add a screen protector to your investment.

Oeago’s Ultra Thin case for iPhone 6 costs just $7 on Amazon.