Today: Pomodoro Timer gets you focused on the task ahead

Today Pomodor Timer 1

As a writer for iDB, sometimes, it gets difficult to stay focused on my work. I am easily distracted by chats with friends, social media, and playing games on my iPhone. The best way to combat distraction is to time my tasks and finish on deadline.

Today: Pomodoro Timer is a task manager that helps keep you focused by timing your daily tasks and giving you much needed breaks in between. You can get more done if you are aware of the time ticking away while you work.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that breaks down your work into intervals in order to keep you on track. The idea is to give yourself the reward of breaks in between working on tasks so you are less likely to fall into distractions.

This app is based on the timed interval technique described above with three major components to improve your productivity.

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The first is the planning stage. With this app, you will create lists of tasks, like reading, studying, writing, etc. You can add multiples of a particular task, like writing. I can set my daily work schedule with multiple writing tasks to reflect the amount of work I wish to accomplish.

The second stage is about focusing. Set the timer to a specific time. Traditional Pomodoro Technique suggests 25-minute intervals, but you can schedule between one minute and two hours. Then, set a break for after your task is done. These scheduled distractions are your reward for working through the set task.

The third stage is the review stage, where you check your daily progress and log your successes to your calendar. When you see how you’ve done, it will encourage you to continue working toward larger goals.

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The app comes with four sections for tasks. You can add multiple tasks to each color, but if you want to add more tasks, you can upgrade to five additional sections via an in-app purchase. You can also link your calendar to the app so that, when you are finished, it will generate an event that you can sync as a way to review your daily progress. Calendar integration is available via an in-app purchase.

Today: Pomodoro Timer is available for free in the App Store. It is also compatible with Apple Watch so you can keep track of your progress and get notifications right on your wrist. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of this helpful productivity app? Let us know in the comments below.