Power for Apple Watch updated with notification alerts, UI updates, and various fixes


It’s always nice when someone from the jailbreak community ventures over to the App Store and goes “legit”. Quite a few jailbreak community members have done so in the past, and Surenix, frequent jailbreak design collaborator and theme creator, is one of latest to do so.

The first edition of his App Store release, Power, bought glanceable iPhone power levels to your Apple watch. The newest update, version 1.1, adds notifications to the mix.

With Power 1.1 ($0.99), you can now be notified when your iPhone reaches specific battery levels. You’ll can even receive an Apple Watch notification when your Phone battery is fully charged.

Power 1.1. is available today as a free update. Here are some of the features and fixes that you can expect to see from this update:

  • Notifications while your iPhone battery drains or charges (at certain percentages)
  • A new page introducing ‘Notifications’
  • A new page to remind users to install ‘Power on Apple Watch’
  • Fixes missing juice when battery is less than 5%
  • Fixes green battery juice at 20% when it should be red

Power uses Apple’s Background App Refresh to periodically check in on your iPhone to discern its power level. Notification alerts will occur as long as you’re within a +/- 5 threshold of the power alert notification intervals. The intervals are as follows:

  • 100%
  • 95% – 85%
  • 55% – 45%
  • 25% – 15%
  • 10% – 0%

Background App Refresh will only check in hourly in an attempt to keep battery usage to a minimum. With this in mind, it’s possible that Power could “check in” at battery intervals that fall outside of the thresholds established above, and as such, no notification would occur. Since there are no API’s for sending alerts at exact power percentages, Background App Refresh is the next best thing.


With this in mind, be sure that Background App Refresh with Power is enabled. You can go to Settings →  General →  Background App Refresh in order to do so.


Power 1.1 is available as a free update, and for those that have yet to purchase, you can buy it for $0.99 on the App Store.

Sure, it’s hard not to be a little biased when a fellow jailbreaker makes their App Store aspirations come true, but I can truly say that Power is one of the best looking apps of the type available for the Apple Watch.