The Mesh makes you think about math in a whole new way

The Mesh 1

When it comes to mixing math and puzzle games, there are a few out there that have really made the grade. Threes! is a perfect example of a game that mixes mathematical mechanics with puzzle solving, and it’s fun.

The Mesh is another numbers-based puzzle game that takes the concept of solving a basic equation and turns it upside down. To solve puzzles, you’ll need to combine and clear numbers.

The Mesh 3

Players combine numbers on the board in order to clear it of all but one hexagonal tile. Yellow tiles allow you to add numbers and transparent tiles allow you to subtract. When you have two matching numbers, combine them to make them disappear.

There is one white permanent tile in the center. You want your last remaining number to match that tile. When you mesh the matching tile to it, it increases your score.

For example, if the white tile is a six, you must mesh the surrounding tiles together in any order until they all disappear or are all combined into one. Ideally, that one will be the number six and you can mesh it to the white tile. If it is a six, your score will go up to 12.

The Mesh 2

If your last numbered tile does not match the white one, you will lose the number of tiles that the number is equal to. If you run out of tiles, you’ll lose the game, so having a full board is a good thing.

Some tiles have multipliers, dividers, and negatives. Others have bonus tiles so that, when you remove them from play, you will receive an extra tile. There are also random timed levels that require you to solve the puzzle within a certain amount of time.

When you reach certain goals, you will unlock one of 12 zodiac animals. The goal is to reach 200 points in the white tile by combining numbers in each puzzle.

The Mesh is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $1.99. Download it in the App Store today.

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