New commercials depict how Apple Watch could fit in your daily life

Apple Watch ad Berling image 001

Apple has amped up Apple Watch advertising with the release of four new television commercials that highlight its potential usefulness in your daily routine.

Titled “Berlin,” “Beijing,” “Closer” and “Goals,” the ads depict the watch’s various fitness and health functions, Siri, wrist alerts, timekeeping, currency conversion and more.

But Apple is also showcasing select third-party applications as we caught glimpses of quick productivity and travel features from your wrist, like setting an appointment, checking out a translation, navigation and more.

Berlin—For exploring new places like never before.

Beijing—For the trip of a lifetime.

Closer—For all the ups and downs of parenthood.

Goals—For setting goals and sticking with them.

The new ads are 30 seconds each and available through Apple’s channel on YouTube and via the company’s Apple Watch website.

These commercials follow the “Rise,” “Up” and “Us” videos focused on time management, health and fitness and communication that were posted on the day of Apple Watch’s debut on April 24.

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