Elivebuy leather wallet folio charges your iPhone 6 while protecting in style

Elivebuy leather wallet folio iPhone 6

Depending on your personal style, you might want a rugged, classy, or flashy case for your iPhone 6. If you want a nice leather case, but also want the benefit of an external battery, then Elivebuy can help.

The leather wallet folio by Elivebuy features an Apple MFi certified 3400mAh power block that will recharge your battery to full so you can use it twice as long as without. Plus, the case is stylish on the outside and useful on the inside with credit card slots.

The leather case is folio style with a magnetic enclosure. The inner lining is made from microfiber. There is a LED power monitor concealed within the case’s design so it looks sleek.

It also features a hard shell bumper that fits around your iPhone 6 to protect it from small drops. The battery pack that is attached to the folio is specially designed with two front-facing speakers, which redirects the audio from your iPhone.

The inside of the case features two slots for keeping money, credit cards, or an ID. It also flips over to double as a kickstand display so you can watch movies.

The case is charged using an included micro USB cable. If you want to charge your iPhone separately, you will have to take it out of the case. However, when you connect the micro USB cable to a power source, it will charge your iPhone first, and then the external battery. It also comes with a quarter-inch to 35mm headphone jack adapter so you can use either type of cable for your listening device.

The Elivebuy leather wallet battery charging folio case for iPhone 6 costs $33 on Amazon.