Vine updated with new HD upload setting and improved discovery

vine 3-4-2

Twitter updated its 6-second video sharing app Vine today, bringing the iOS client to version 3.4.2. The update brings about two major improvements: suggestions for popular Viners to follow, and a new quality setting that lets you post your Vines in HD.

The former should help Vine with its discovery problem, something its parent company Twitter particularly struggles with. It’s nearly impossible to convince new users to stick around when it’s difficult to quickly find interesting and entertaining content.

You can find the new discovery feature by tapping the ‘Find People’ icon in the upper lefthand corner of the app. As shown in the image above, you’ll see a (hand-picked) list of suggested users to follow. Of course, you can still search using Twitter and Contacts.

Twitter has been very busy with the Vine app in recent months, adding a new search feature, support for 720p videos and offline playback. If you haven’t checked out Vine in a while, you can find the latest version in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, for free.

Source: Vine