SoundCloud update adds more functionality to playlists and new ‘related tracks’ feature


SoundCloud updated its iOS client this morning, bringing the app to version 3.10.1. The company says the update “significantly upgrades the listening experience,” bringing about more functionality for playlists, the ability to shuffle your Likes, and a new ‘related tracks’ feature.

With the new playlist capabilities, you can now shuffle and edit your playlist within the mobile app. When SoundCloud redesigned its iPhone app last summer, it removed these and several other features, and it has since been re-adding them through a series of iterative updates.

Users will also appreciate the new ‘related tracks’ feature, which will point you to music based on what you’re listening to. The feature is great for discovering new tracks, and can be accessed by opening the elipses menu (…) next to an audio file and tapping on “Play related tracks.”

Even with the growing popularity of Apple Music and other streaming services, I still find myself visiting SoundCloud for lesser-known and unreleased music. Check out the mobile app if you haven’t in a while, it’s available for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store, and it’s free.