Apple Music wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

Apple Music all devices teaser 001

To much fanfare, Apple Music launched on June 30. If you started the free 3-month trial, make sure to check out Jeff’s top 10 pro tips and 10 Apple Music tweaks. The service proves to meet the hype and has potential to reach more customers, more quickly, than even Spotify.

As with all new launches, we are excited to offer you matching wallpapers! Thanks to several avid iDB readers, a small library of new Apple Music images are ready to grace your iOS devices. Step inside for downloads.

Apple Music wallpapers

Apple Music TaiG Axinen splash crop

Download by @Axinen via Botgard: iPhone; iPad; desktop

Apple Music no logo wallpaper FlareZephyr splash

Download @FlareZephyr: iPhone; iPad

AR7 Apple Music logo splash

Download via @AR72014 via Deviant Art: iPhone

iTunes Apple Music wallpaper Prod. by AR72014 splash

Download via @AR72014 via AR7 App: iPhone

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itunes_13_wallpapers_by_jasonzigrino splash

Download: visit June 14, 2015


As with most weeks, the images you see were submitted directly to me via @jim_gresham. The Wallpaper of the Week section is comprised of wallpapers sourced both from random findings and reader submissions. To have your images considered, make sure anything you submit is preformatted for a specific iOS device.

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