Her Story is a police procedural video game for the armchair detective in you

Her Story 1

Fans of police procedural television shows now have another outlet to scratch their itch. No more sitting in front of the T.V., shouting at no one in particular about how you knew all along that the second guy they interviewed was actually the killer.

In Her Story, players take on the role of a detective sifting through archived video footage at police headquarters in attempt to unlock a mystery that is 20 years old. Put on your sleuthing cap and get ready to solve some mysteries.

The game takes place in 1994 and covers the mysterious disappearance of one woman’s husband. Players sit in front of a 1990s-era computer terminal with a searchable database of interviews. The screen is completely representative of a computer from 20 years ago. There are even lighting reflections on the screen of what it would look like if you really were in an office building somewhere.

Her Story 4

When you type in a word or phrase, like “murder” or “missing person,” all video clips connected to that search will appear. Then, players watch the clips to gather new information based on what the woman describes in the interview. Each clip includes the date and time, so players can use that information to create a sort of timeline of events.

The key to the game is search terms. If you hit on the correct term, you will uncover useful clips. Some clips won’t seem to matter at first, but when combined with information learned at a later time, will be the clue to unlocking some new information.

Her Story 3

You can add your own tags to video clips to make it easier to search for them again. For example, if you watch a clip where the interviewee talks about a baby, you could add your own tag for “baby” so that, if you wish to refer back to it later, you can find it.

There is also a clip tracker that shows how many clips are unwatched and where they fall on the timeline. So, if you think something specific happened during a certain interview, it will be easy to go back and watch more clips from that moment in time.

Her Story is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $4.99. Download it in the App Store today.

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