Still having problems jailbreaking iOS 8.3? These tips may help


Sadly, there are still many individuals that cannot successfully jailbreak iOS 8.3 with the TaiG. I understand how insanely frustrating this can be, but also want to help. Trust me, I feel your pain on this, as it’s super-frustrating when you see everyone else enjoying their jailbreak and you’re stuck with a stock phone.

But don’t give up! You’re going to do this. Consider some of my tips inside. Some may be obvious, but some may be not so obvious. Whatever you do, just give it a try.

First of all, if you’re on a Mac, use my Virtual Machine TaiG jailbreak tutorial. Even if you’re on Windows, use my virtual machine tutorial, as I think it’s the best tutorial for jailbreaking the right way, and I’ve had a lot of success with it.

Obvious basics:

  • Ensure Find My iPhone is disabled
  • Disable Touch ID and Passcode Lock
  • Enable Airplane mode
  • Ensure iTunes is recognizing your iPhone first

Must try:

  • Completely restore your iPhone and start from scratch, especially if it was OTA’d
  • Download the latest version of the TaiG tool
  • Downgrade your version of iTunes to version 12.1.0
  • Uninstall iTunes completely and reinstall
  • Be patient. If you get stuck at 20%, at least give it 5 minutes to process. Especially give it enough time if you have a large iPhone (32GB/64GB) with lots of data on it.

Other stuff to try:

  • Use a different USB port to connect your Lightning cable
  • Try a different computer

Whatever you do, don’t give up. There’s incentive to keep trying. And I know some may be hesitant to full exhaust this list, but it’s really not that time consuming. One of the best things that you can do is a clean restore. I’ve had times where I’ve done everything right to the most precise degree, and still met failure. The only thing that was able to fix my problem was trying the jailbreak after a full restore.

Also, use the community. The iDB comments are great places to communicate and hash out issues. I’ll continually update this post with any fixes or suggestions that I have. I’ll also hang out in the comments from time to time to help answer questions. But I can’t answer them all, so I’m counting on you guys to help out too.