App Watch: Dash, MindNode, WeatherBug


One of the tasks for which Apple Watch is best suited is displaying information. Whether it be an upcoming calendar event, an incoming text, or simply the date and time, having this information a wrist raise away is what makes Apple Watch so invaluable.

This week, we have some apps that excel at displaying information on your wrist without requiring or even allowing much user interaction at all. These apps conform to the idea of using Apple Watch for very short amounts at a time, making the experience more natural.



I already had this app lined up for today when I saw Sebastien’s article on it, which you can read to get the meat of things. Dash brings a two-part customizable interface to Apple Watch, but in a very simple way. Users can choose between iPhone battery status or a custom string of text in the top section, while the bottom can display network information, a custom string of text, or a photo from one’s library.

These options can be selected from the iPhone app, and changes automatically appear in the Apple Watch app and in the Glance. Although it is currently a simple concept, Dash is a unique idea for an Apple Watch app, and I would like to see further customization options arrive in the future. Despite its current limitations, Dash is something to keep an eye on for future updates. You can download Dash for free in the App Store.



For me, the planning stage of a project is the part that requires the most patience. All future decisions and details that go into the project will be based on the initial idea of it, making this also the most important stage. For that reason, having a great mind mapping app helps to organize your thoughts for yourself, and to better communicate them with your team.

MindNode is an app that does just that. Users can create beautiful, effective mind maps on their iPhone or iPad, and those will sync to their Apple Watch for future reference. It’s up to you on how to put this to use, but a couple of usage ideas include conversation points or simply an easier way to keep on track while trying to manifest your idea instead of pulling out your iPhone to reference the schematic.

MindNode for iOS is available to be purchased for $9.99 in the App Store.



For some reason, people seem to have an obsession with weather apps and the need to continuously know the forecast and what to expect from Mother Nature. While I check the weather from time to time when attending an event, many people are obviously much more passionate about it than I am, which is evident by the number of weather apps on the App Store.

WeatherBug stands out from others with its detailed severe weather alerts, which not only include upcoming storms, but high pollen count, lightning proximity, and other outdoor happenings. The level of detail WeatherBug displays, both on iPhone and Apple Watch, makes it an invaluable weather app to add to your collection, which can be done for absolutely free.

Find a nice Apple Watch app or make one yourself? Let me know at or in the comments below.