App Watch

App Watch: Dash, MindNode, WeatherBug

One of the tasks for which Apple Watch is best suited is displaying information. Whether it be an upcoming calendar event, an incoming text, or simply the date and time, having this information a wrist raise away is what makes Apple Watch so invaluable.

This week, we have some apps that excel at displaying information on your wrist without requiring or even allowing much user interaction at all. These apps conform to the idea of using Apple Watch for very short amounts at a time, making the experience more natural.

A closer look at Apple Watch apps: PCalc, Notes, and Dispatch

I’m looking forward to the day when an iteration of the Elder Scrolls will come to iPad. Imagine strolling through Tamriel on your Retina display, engaging in Infinity Blade-style combat with man and beast. It’d be glorious. I’m not sure that day will ever come, but I’m anticipating it just the same. I’ll be happy when the latest version of iPad has the hardware to run such a game, regardless.

Instead of discussing my recently renewed obsession with Skyrim, we’re here to talk about some noteworthy Apple Watch apps that I've come across recently, so let us begin.

App Watch: Instapaper, Fantastical, Reminders Nano

I’m getting more and more accustomed to have Apple Watch integrate into my daily life, and it’s excellent. I love its subtle taps and fitness tracking, as well as the style of it and the positive attention that brings from people I meet.

The search for great Apple Watch apps continues, and developers are certainly doing amazing things with this little device.

App Watch: power pack

I like to think of myself as a power user when it comes to my apps and devices, and although that term isn't always applicable, I’ve spent hours in Workflow trying to craft recipes that will save me precious seconds later on, and I enjoyed doing so if for nothing other than the self-satisfaction when I get to run a handmade workflow and watch it perform beautifully.

Today’s App Watch has a couple power user apps to help streamline your day (and an app to make you a powerful user), and I hope, once we're done, you’ll be as excited as I am to use these apps in the future.

App Watch: game on

Although I'm not a hardcore gamer, I do my fair share of gaming, largely on my Mac or PC, but iOS has demanded my attention as a gaming platform as well. Console gaming doesn't greatly interest me, however, due to the cost of games and limitation of genres. But I don't mind investing into a gaming PC that I can also use for work, school, and countless other things, and my iPad Air 2 is also great for playing the more graphically intense titles on iOS.

More recently, gaming moved beyond iPads and iPhones to alight on users' wrists with Apple Watch, which is our primary focus in this article. Although the games are very basic, as they should be, many are designed to burn a few minutes while in line or other places where pulling out an iPhone isn't entirely convenient, while others are built exclusively for Apple Watch.

App Watch: artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence may very well take over the world one day, but I find it absolutely fascinating, regardless. The concept of teaching computers how to "think" brings an entirely new level to technology, not only in relation to programming, but in how we interact with it as well. The issue is that, once they become sentient, computers will in theory no longer be content doing as we command, but instead turn on humanity and kill us all.

Anyway, the App Store has yet to feature an app for controlling a maniacal robot from your Apple Watch, but there are some apps that utilize a form of artificial intelligence, and we're looking at a couple of them today.

App Watch: food edition

Eating is perhaps my favorite pastime. While I typically prefer to eat at home where I can prepare higher quality food with enhanced taste and healthier ingredients, there are occasions when I have to pick up something in town. In these instances, I tend to gravitate toward restaurants with a mobile app so I can take my time while deciding on my order, and Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell are a couple restaurants that fulfill this criterion.

Unfortunately, the iPhone apps of these establishments don't yet support Apple Watch. There are, however, some food apps that do, so let's take a look at them.

App Watch: the day after Christmas

If you have kids, or if you were a kid at some point, you probably remember opening your presents each Christmas, using them to no end for the rest of the day, and forgetting about most of them the day after. That never happened to me, actually, but it's a long-standing stereotype, so go with it.

The difference between your RC car and your Apple Watch is that your car began collecting dust after a day or two, and your Apple Watch is becoming an integral part of your life. The initial novelty of the Digital Crown has become a natural scrolling mechanism, and the urge to constantly try a new watch face turned into changing the color to match today's shirt, or switching from an informative to a simple face from a work day to the weekend. Apple Watch has become a background track in your day-to-day life, and that's a good thing.

However, there is always more room for great apps to expand horizons and streamline workflows, which is why App Watch exists. So let's see what Santa (bearded app developers) has for us this week.

App Watch: the first wave

You've received your Apple Watch in the mail, unboxed it, tried it on, and now the months of anticipation and waiting have finally come to an end. It's surreal, really, and you can't help but glance at your wrist every few minutes, even after wearing it for a couple days, to play with your new toy.

Or you haven't received your Apple Watch yet and must sit alone and forsaken, watching all your friends talk to their wrists, wishing you could've gotten that pre-order in just a little bit earlier, or chosen a more plentiful model.

Or perhaps you simply couldn't justify the price of the Apple Watch for its functionality, at least in the first generation. But you are interesting in its potential, particularly in how third-party developers will be putting its unique skillsets to use.

If you fall into one of those categories, it is for you that I'm excited to introduce App Watch, a new weekly article series by iDownloadBlog. In these posts, I'll be covering a small handful of Apple Watch apps that stand out to me in terms of design, ease of use, convenience, and real-world usage. The point is not to cover every WatchKit app, but to highlight those that bring something significant, beautiful, or practical to wrists around the world. Apple Watch has an incredible amount of potential, and I want to help you tap into that. So, let us begin.