Twitter to remove 140 character limit in Direct Messages


Twitter on Thursday announced that it will be removing the 140-character limit in Direct Messages. Starting in July, DMs will have a new limit of 10,000 characters, bringing it in line with other instant messaging services.

The move makes sense, given that the nature of a DM is typically more private and intimate than that of a Tweet, thus requiring more typing space. Twitter says the character limit for public-facing Tweets will remain at 140.

If you’ve ever contacted, or been contacted by, a service or support rep via Twitter, you know what a great change this is. A lot of companies have begun using the social network to seek out and resolve issues and complaints.

The change will follow another big Direct Message alteration in April, which allowed you to receive DMs from all users. It seems like Twitter is looking to turn the platform into a more viable platform to hold 1v1 conversations.

On a related note, Twitter announced today that CEO Dick Costolo will be stepping down as CEO of the company, effective as of July. At that time, co-founder Jack Dorsey will step in as the firm’s interim chief executive.

Source: Twitter