Showtime confirms online-only streaming service, launching next month on iOS and Apple TV

Showtime for iOS devices and Apple TV teaser 001

Showtime, a CBS-owned premium cable television service, has taken the plunge and will offer a standalone video-streaming service over the Internet with Apple as its first partner, the company confirmed Wednesday.

Simply called Showtime, the service will cost $10.99 per month and will be hitting the Apple TV, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on July 12 ahead of season premier of several shows such as Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex.

A free 30-day trial will be available to new customers who sign up through Apple in July. Like HBO Now, Showtime’s new service will be an Apple exclusive at launch.

Beginning July 12, U.S.-based owners of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV devices will be able to subscribe to Showtime as a standalone service on the Showtime app.

Subscribers will enjoy unlimited on-demand access to every season of Showtime’s original series, in addition to hundreds of hours of movies, documentary and sports programming and the live broadcast of the east and west coast feeds of Showtime.

“Watch when they first premiere or catch up on old favorites – always commercial free,” reads the blurb. Variety first wrote about the service earlier today.

In order to use the service on your iOS device, download the free Showtime app from the App Store, sign up and create a Showtime account. You can then log with your account into other device to watch the service across all supported hardware.

A web interface is also available at

Additional platforms and providers will be announced soon.

Source: Showtime