The Case Star Octopus Tripod will help you take steady photos without breaking the bank

Star Case Octopus Tripod

Since Apple Watch can be used as a remote control for the iPhone’s camera, you can bet that wide-shot personal pictures will become the new trend, especially since you don’t have to use one of those silly “selfie sticks” to get a shot of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The Case Star Octopus tripod will make wide shots even easier because you can wrap the legs of this mini stand around just about anything and get the best possible shot.

The tentacle style legs can bend and twist in almost any position. You can stretch it to its fullest height or smash it down low. You can wrap it around a railing and tilt your iPhone 6 in some strange position that you couldn’t even do yourself. When the legs are straight (not in tripod position) they reach five inches tall, plus an additional inch-and-a-half for the ball joint that the mount screws onto.

The tripod comes with a universal, adjustable smartphone mount that stretches from 2.5 inches to three inches (please note that the iPhone 6 Plus is slightly larger than three inches wide, so this mount is not compatible).

The smartphone mount can also be removed to expose a universal tripod screw. So, you can attach any digital camera (or film camera for that matter) with a universal tripod screw hole.

The best part about this little mount is that it only costs $3 on Amazon, and shipping is free (but it takes a long time). So you won’t be out more than a few bucks if it turns out to not be the tripod mount you are looking for.

What do you think of this super low-cost tentacle style tripod mount? Let us know in the comments.