Galactic Nemesis review: a retro arcade space shooter that Galaga fans will love

Galactic Nemesis 3

One of my earliest video game memories are of playing Galaga in my local arcade. It was the first game that I could actually play for more than five minutes without dying.

So you can imagine how happy I was to discover Galactic Nemesis, which pays loving homage to such space-themed shooters that I grew up on. We’ve got a game game review of Galactic Nemesis for you today.


The idea behind this game is that players shoot at wave after wave of incoming aliens. It is very similar to many traditional vertical shooters of the 1980s without feeling like a simple copycat. Aliens drop down, spewing firepower at you while you navigate around them, avoiding their chaotic attack.


The pixel ships and spidery aliens are all very arcade style. The colors are bright and the graphics pulse with the beat. The background is outer space black with various parts of space stations floating in the background. The game’s soundtrack perfectly matches the retro feel of a 1980s space shooter.

Galactic Nemesis 2


Players first select a ship to begin the battle. At first, you will only have one ship, but through gameplay, you will be able to unlock seven additional ships. Once a ship is selected, you will start the battle.

Enemy ships (or possibly just aliens – they look like bugs, but they shoot weapons, so I’m not sure) will fly into formation above. You are able to begin your attack right away.

Place your finger or thumb on the screen to fire. With it held down, navigate the field by dragging your finger around on the screen. As long as your finger is on the screen, you will automatically shoot.

Kill every enemy on the screen to earn coins. Clearing the screen will also progress you to the next wave. Clear the next wave to continue, and so on.

Enemies grow in strength and abilities as you progress. Some can be taken down with one shot, while others require two or three hits before they are destroyed. Eventually, you will be fighting teams of varying enemy fighters, as well as trying to avoid barrages of firepower from massive turrets. It gets pretty chaotic.

Galactic Nemesis 1

The Good

Ships are upgradable using money you earn killing baddies. There are also random power ups that show up at various times, providing you with special firepower, extra shields, and lasers that wipe out entire fleets of enemies. These bonuses make the game much more exciting.

The Bad

I wish we earned just a little bit more coins. Saving up for upgrades and ships is very slow going. I also wish that power ups appeared just a little bit more often. But, the game is still wonderful to play. It just means rewards are harder to come by and mean more when you get them.


Galactic Nemesis costs $1.99. For that price, you get a full game with no in-app purchases of any kind. The ships and upgrades you get, you earn through hard work and perseverance. The game has a high replay value. The more money you make, the more upgrades you can buy, which will help you pass the next stage.


If you like Galaga or other vertical shooters in the same vein, you will definitely enjoy this action-paced arcade throwback. It pays homage to the classics without simply being a copycat. This game is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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