Apple’s Angela Ahrendts was highest-paid female executive in the US last year


Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s recently-hired senior vice president of retail and online stores, was the highest-paid female executive in the United States last year. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Ahrendts was awarded $82.6 million in 2014, including a sign-on bonus and a make-whole grant for money she left on the table at Burberry.

Coming in second on the list was Oracle’s Safra Catz, who raked in $71.2 million in fiscal 2014 for her role as chief financial officer and co-CEO. Rounding out the top 3 highest paid female executives was Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer who, at 39-years-old, was the highest-paid female chief executive last year, with a salary of $59.1 million.

Bloomberg’s pay ranking also calculates pay-for-performance using an executive’s compensation as a percentage of their company’s economic profit. And by that measure, Ahrendts delivered the best rating among all women on the ranking, with a salary equal to 0.3% of Apple’s $28.6 billion three-year average economic profit.

Angela Ahrendts left her position as CEO of luxury clothing brand Burberry to join Apple in the spring of 2014. She oversees all of the company’s retail operations, and although she has taken some criticism over what is widely seen as a “troubled” Apple Watch launch, she has received multiple accolades for her performance.

Source: Bloomberg