Amazon’s Lightning cable gives you six feet of charging flexibility for cheap

Amazon 6ft Lightning Cable

Apple’s included Lightning cable just seems to fall short of useful. Maybe that is because it is too short. The charging cable that comes with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is only about 3 feet long. If your wall plug is right next to your bed, then you will be OK, but otherwise, you need extra feet.

Amazon makes an MFi-certified Lightning cable that is six feet long, twice the length of Apple’s. So, if you need the extra length, or just want a second cable, Amazon has you covered.

Just like Apple’s Lightning connector, the cable is designed to allow you to charge your iPhone and sync with your computer. It is MFi-certified, so there should not be a problem with future iOS updates and the cable’s compatibility.

The Lightning stem is narrow, so you will be able to use it in conjunction with most cases. It is approximately the same width as Apple’s Lightning stem.

Whether you are a cable hoarder or just want to the flexibility of a longer cord, this is a good option. The price alone makes it a good buy considering Apple’s Lightning cable costs $19.

Amazon’s six-foot MFi-certified Lightning cable costs $9. 79 and is available in black or white.

Amazon also makes a car charger at a great price. Check it out.