Twitter content and accounts coming soon to Spotlight search

OS X Yosemite Spotlight

According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter content such as tweets and accounts are coming to Apple’s Spotlight search engine on Macs and iOS devices, allowing for an even tighter integration between the iPhone maker and the popular micro-blogging service, MacWorld reported Wednesday. Apple added Twitter to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as the inaugural third-party service integration in iOS 5 three years ago.

Now that deep integration is about to grow even tighter, potentially allowing users to see a recent tweet from a person when performing a Spotlight search on their iPhone.

This was confirmed by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo himself during the company’s quarterly earnings call yesterday:

And finally, we are also working with Apple to surface great Twitter content and accounts directly in Spotlight Search on iOS and OS X, that also makes it easier and quicker to find great things on Twitter.

So I would sum up by saying, there is absolutely an opportunity to go and monetize that attention and traffic. We want to make sure we iterate on the experiences to get them right first.

“Costolo did not provide any other details on the status of the talks, beyond saying that such an integration would be geared toward making it easier and quicker to find content on Twitter,” reads the article.

In its current implementation on both iOS and OS X, users can post content to Twitter in third-party apps, check out latest tweets and dictate Twitter updates via Siri, check a playlist of trending songs on Twitter via iTunes Radio and browse articles shared by their Twitter followers through Safari’s Shared Links feature.

Having relevant tweets and Twitter accounts pop up in Spotlight search results on both iOS and OS X would be a much-appreciated improvement, for sure, even more so given relevant tweets will start appearing in people’s Google search results next month.

During its earnings call, Twitter said it had 302 million users who log in monthly as of the end of last quarter, an eighteen percent increase from a year earlier.


Source: MacWorld